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    A Form infused with the wild uncontrollable power of a Oozaru and the mental calm focus of Ultra Instinct.

    You will only be 80% transformed and never pushing yourself to the Oozaru form

    I have permission to use the following assets

    • Grinns-
    • Halloweenpandas-
    • Deez Mods Only-
    • The Last Knight-

    Special thanks to these guys for their amasing assest to make my transformation perfect.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Hey guys its here and finnaly done after weeks of work.


    First Install Lazybone Transformation Installer found here:

    Second Install the UI Deez Mods Only mod must be the one with extra stars as that is what your seeing in the video special thanks to him aswel:

    Third Install my mod via xv2ins.exe(AKA The MOD Installer)

    Last Install the aura provided once again special thanks to Deez Mods Only for the innerflame part attached to my custom aura.

    And your done...

    Have fun !!

  • event_noteChangelog

    Female saiyan version coming SOON !

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  • UpdatedOct 13, 2020
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