Proper Reshade (Color Correction & Bloom)

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    This is the first Reshade Preset I've made for Xenoverse 2. It seemed to me that the game's overall color balance was off because of a green tint; so this preset attempts to remove that. (Noticeable on sky in the first comparison screenshots). I've also added a more proper bloom effect to the game which to me seems like an improvement over the game's "Glare" effect. I've also adjusted the HDR & Saturation levels.

    The mod I recommend using with this screenshot is o0DemonBoy0o's "DB's Cel-Shaders Type 1" mod with the "1/2 Rim Light (Default Outline)" configuration.

    P.S. Turn off "Glare" in-game for best results

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract the contents of the ZIP file into the "bin" folder of the Xenoverse 2 root folder

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    1.0 - Initial Release

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