PUBLIC BETA | Sonic, Chaos 0, Metal Sonic BETA BUILDS | The Sonic Adventure Modpack

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    This has been a long-awaited mod to finally be made Public.

    This Modpack includes the Beta Builds of Sonic, Chaos 0, and Metal Sonic that are made as part of The Sonic Adventure Modpack I'm making. These were originally Patreon Releases, but due to me deleting said Patreon Page, I am now making them (alongside a few other mods in the future) Public Betas!

    This Modpack Includes:

    -Sonic - 2 Variants - 3 New Skills

    -Chaos 0 - 1 Variant - 5 New Skills

    -Metal Sonic - 1 Variant - 2 New Skills

    -DOOM Shaders & Vanilla Shaders

    Keep in mind that these are still in Very Early Beta, so the final releases might be drastically different from what you see here.

    Hope you enjoy these mods!

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    0.7 - Public Beta Release

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  • UpdatedJul 2, 2018
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