Pure / Corrupted Godly Ki Pack 2

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    For those who unveiled the power of Gods, the weight to bear is not an easy task, even for the most pure-hearted one. The more you get close to the Light, the more the Darkness behind you grows.

    Unleash the Power of the Godly Ki!

    This pack is a add-on for my "Pure Corrupted Godly Ki Pack" pack. This pack comes with 1 character and a transformation:

    •  Gogeta (Super Saiyan Blue) Transformable to Super Saiyan White.
    • Super Saiyan White for Custom Characters (CACs).  * Notes below.

    Thumbnail made by Furan The Awakened


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Use XV2 Installer like every .x2m files.


    Super Saiyan White for CACs includes the possibility to use custom Hairs. In order to use them you just have to go into data/chara/HUM and replace:

    • HUM_913_Hair.emb,
    • HUM_913_Hair.emm,
    • HUM_913_Hair.emd,

    with your own hairs renamed in the same way.

  • event_note Changelog

    First version!

    Hope you enjoy it!