Random Tournament – Fight against playable characters

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    This "quest" is more like an "arcade mode" with a random pick-up of playable characters to fight against in duel.

    The player will have to fight 5 enemies one by one, a s a "survival mode".

    These enemies are just random playable characters.

    There are 6 files in the rar, because I have split the 110 playable characters into 2 groups of 55, otherwise the game crashes when you launch the mission...

    Each time you launch the mission, your enemies change, and you cannot encounter several times the same in a same tournament :D

    So there are 3 "Random Tournament 1" : Easy, Normal and Hard with the first group of 55 characters who can appear in the battle (one by one).

    and also 3 "Random Tournament 2" : Easy, Normal and Hard with the second group of 55 characters who can appear in the battle (one by one).

    3 levels of difficulty are proposed for each bunch of characters in this first release... please give me some feedback if you think levels are not hard or easy enough


    Special thanks to MetisConnetis for his precious help :)

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just install the 6 x2m files with the eternity tool



  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0: Initial Release

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