Ranger’s Clothes CaC Male (Android N17 DBS) UPDATE Female

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    This MOD includes:

    Ranger's Clothes (Android N17 DBS) + Colorable version (Male & Female)


    Este MOD incluye:

    Ropa de Guardabosques (Androide N17 DBS) + Versión coloreable (Hombre y mujer)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Both versions are equivalent to the same clothes, so choose which one you want to install. The installation is with x2m


    Ambas versiones equivalen a la misma ropa, así que elija cual desea instalar. La instalación es con x2m

  • event_note Changelog

    UPDATE 2.0 21/03 It is included Female version Female version coloreable

    Now this clothes supports: HUM / SYM & HUF / SYF

    UPDATE 2.0 21/03 Se incluye Versión femenina Versión Femenina coloreable

    Ahora esta ropa suporta: HUM/SYM & HUF/SYF