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    THIS PACK IS ENTIRELY MADE BY ME! if you're going to showcase it please link to this mod page, my youtube GTArajgaming and give the obvious credit where credit is due it's my own personal aura re-textures that I'm putting on here for others to use, I'll even take custom aura requests There are a bunch of fixes in the pack, I have a forum link that does explain a few things but I'll say the gist of it here :

    ssj4 now uses the ssj3 aura to resemble the anime vegeta no longer has a red aura, it’s now blue videl doesn’t have an aura ( she didn’t get one till after Z) A modified blue aura ( which changes unlocked potential too since it’s aura is just a very light blue) Super Saiyan Blue uses the unlocked potential aura since it’s more color accurate to the anime plus a few other minor corrections such as saibaman has no aura, nappa uses the ssj1 aura as opposed to red and then some! WARNING! this pack is not 100% compatible with lazybones or pride troopers, I tried to but I got moaned at for it and you will not be getting the ultra instinct/ zamasu cutscene aura part from the video due to moaning .

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    Drag and drop my data folder into the root of your xenoverse 2

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    1.0 : Initial release

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