(Requested Mod) Cac SSgss to SSGSS5 With Hgraphic and Normal Cac and Gogeta SSJ4 Moveset

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    This Mod was Requested by Joseph.

    Fix - The Face problem (You can see when you use my Mods its problems the face all time, Now its fix. Before download check the video)

    New - Requested Costume, Portara Earring,New Z-soul "Fight me, If you ready to Die" replace "I am Super Saiyan Goku ,H-Graphic (Thanks to Heirtalent),  Cac Moveset with Tail Animation and Lobby Tail Animation (Thanks to Deaky for the animations)

    Most Important Part of This Mod - For the face you can select all to type 1 (you cannot use the combination like type 1 eyes, type 2 ears, type 4 nose, then the face not working, only just set all to type 1, And you can use combination work without the type 1 files), and for the hair type 5. And the most important thing: cloths are replace Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi. You must to use  it.

    Want to watch before download : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqsUjX1R59Q