(Requested Mod) CAC Vegito With Custome Transformation and Vegito’s Voice

  • description Description

    First I need to clear this, I make this mod for some peoples requests me.

    Its a None forcible transformation. If you use this mod your Base Character look like Vegito with Vegito Movestyle with voice. There is two type of file. one is normal shading and other one is anime shading.

    Most Important

    Thanks Lazybones to make the awesome transformation animation mod, Thanks to Pride Troopers to make the awesome aura especially the Ultra Instinct aura. And Thanks to T3l3s to make ssj3+tail comfortable cac movestyles set. ULTIMATE COLOR RESHADE ROSTER Thanks to ANGEALVAN.Thanks all of you.

    Most Important

    1st you need to Download and  install pride troopers aura pack, Otherwise the mod did not work. After the aura pack install, then install the mod using x2m.

    How to setup character after installing the mod - There is a Folder In the RAR. Follow This

    Big Thanks to Lazybones for his awesome transformation skills Download Lazybone awesome transformation skills for cac - https://xenoversemods.com/mods/new-transformations-added-skills/

    Big Thanks to Pride Troopers for the awesome aura pack Download Pride Troopers awesome aura pack - https://xenoversemods.com/mods/xenoverse-2-aura-expansion-pride-troopers-official-release/

    Big Thanks to T3L3S for awesome cac movestyle Download T3L3S awesome Cac Movestyle with ssj3 and tail comfortable - https://xenoversemods.com/uploader/t3l3s/

    ULTIMATE COLOR RESHADE ROSTER BigThanks to ANGEALVAN ULTIMATE COLOR RESHADE ROSTER mod download link - https://xenoversemods.com/mods/ultimate-color-reshade-roster/

  • speaker_notes Installation

    1. First There is a normal shading and another is anime shading, whics version you install there is a most important x2m, 1st install it.

    2 Now there is a bcs folder, open it and copy the bcs file into your game directory/data/chara/hum folder

    2. Now install the other skill folder skills x2m file.

    3. Now open the game goto character creation menu and set all number to last, like Head/hair-26, eyes-21, pupils-96, nose-15, mouth/jaw-21 ears-5

    4. Then save it, after that close the game ,if you use normal shading goto the normal shading folder and install the transformations files.