(Requested Mod) Remake CAC Goku With Voice (All DBS Transformation)

  • description Description

    Most Important - Read the How to install text first in the install uninstall folder.And Also Uninstall All Previous CAC Mod


    This is Remake of CAC Goku mod With his Custom Voice.

    Fix - The sound issu of Kaioken Sound.

    Thanks to Lazybone, Z-Warriors,T3L3S,Alpha and Mastanko

    For The Aura - http://www.mediafire.com/file/dkkbv67bj5j9z9p/Aura.rar

    Download and Extract in your game directory


  • speaker_notes Installation

    1. First There is a normal shading and another is anime shading, whics version you install there is a most important x2m, 1st install it and then install the two transformations x2m files

    2 After that there is a bcs folder, open it and copy the bcs file into your game directory/data/chara/hum folder

    3. Now open the game goto character creation menu and set all number to last, like Head/hair-26, eyes-21, pupils-96, nose-15, mouth/jaw-21 ears-5, and for the voice type 7

    4. Now for the costume goto the store and buy the Goku power of tournament gi and equip it,Then save it, after that close the game

    5. If you use normal shading goto the normal shading folder and install the transformations files.