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    This Mod has NO relation to the Revamp Xenoverse 2 Project, sorry for the Confusion.

    New Battle SFX

    Changes -Vanish Sounds -Snap Vanish Sounds -Vanish Skill Sounds -Ki Blast Sounds -Clash Sounds -Lock on Sounds

    New Transformation SFX

    You have an option with the Themes or without the respective themes of the Transformation

    Changes -All Transformations will play a unique sound effect, and some will play their respective themes.

    New Ki Charge SFX

    You have the abilty to choose what Sound you would like to Replace Maximum Charge. High Pressure Charge is Simply Super Saiyan Rose's Aura Sound effect, and shown in the Video. Prominent Charge is a Unique Charge Sound that I have created, I recommend you try them both out and use whatever you prefer. ^^

    More Changes will be made in the Future if this gets enough Feedback.

    If you want more gameplay on my upcoming mods, and updates, I recommend checking out my YT Channel ^w^:

    Make sure if you are swapping Sounds you uninstall the Sound Mod you want to replace then install the one you want.

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    V1.0 - Released

    V1.01 - Added a Requests Section so your Request for a Variation of the Base Mod can be put here.

    V1.1 - Added custom Punch Sounds, Aura Dash Sounds and fixed a bug were the front Snap Vanish would be louder than the other Vanish Sounds.

    V.1.1.1 - Fixed Prominent Charge Bug were the sound is the same as High Pressure Charge

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