Rosé Vegito Black Fully Customize

  • description Description

    i HOPE you will like it !

    Anyway ..

    this is my version of Rosé Vegito Black

    1- Comes with 4 Shadings Options (Vanilla+Ultimate+HG+Agwang).

    2- Comes with 2 Auras Options (Custom+Vanilla).

    i Customized his skills,aura,Voice and the combos.

    Very Important Note:

    READ THE ((Read Me First Of All [Important].txt)) at the rar file


    Credit and Thanks to :

    Goketer HighCeiling For the Revamp project LINK

    lazybone For the New Transformations LINK

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • In the rar file.
  • event_note Changelog

    Second Release.


    Now This Mod Custom aura works PERFECT with

    1-lazybone  New Transformations .

    2-Azura95 Aura Pack   .

    3-the revamp project   .

    4- Any Mod Without Custom aura (any mod uses a game aura), Because there is a limit of new auras we can install!


    • So if you install This mod (the custom aura version) with Lazybone aura's or Azura aura's or the revamp project or any mod uses a game aura You don't have to Clear Your mods Dictionary !!


    • But if you had a problem you can clear Your mods Dictionary.