Sailor Moon – Inner Senshi *fixed*

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    **Sailor Mars had the wrong Super God Fist. I have fixed this issue**


    This is a mod i've been working on for quite awhile trying to perfect to the best of my limited modding ability. It's not perfect but I feel it's in a good enough state to release.

    I want to give a shout out to ysbag and Indrajid Ryanda Noor for allowing me to use cosmetic parts of their mod for these character mods. You can find their mods here;

    Hair mod:

    *BIG EDIT* Sailor Venus' hair comes from a mod made by The Green Cero. If he wishes for me to take down this mod then I will. Until then I will leave it here.

    Skirt mod:


    These are not simple CaC exports. Each of these characters are modded to play differently from each other.

    Sailor Moon - Pan

    Sailor Mars - Android 18

    Sailor Mercury - Videl

    Sailor Jupiter - SSJ4 Vegeta (different from my previous release)

    Sailor V/Venus - Jeice



    Main issues: I don't know how to make character portraits and I don't know how to fix the minor camera issue during a few of the VS intros. Both are minor issues though and if someone can tell me how to fix the camera intros then i'd more than willing to fix them.

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    X2m installer.

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    Not the final version.