Saiyan Assault Set (for HUF and SYF)

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    The Saiyan Assault Set is a custom armor mashup. It's mainly a combination of Bardock's and Seripa's battle suits, with a few minor additions from other sets; and of course the muscular meshes.

    The entire set is fully colorable.

    The torso part has been made real thanks to the awesome Citadel user IAMDEADPOOL98, who created a specially beefy bust for HUF/SYF. The legs were made by me! For yours truly! ;)



    The items should be available at the shop as soon as you beat Raditz. They're all 5-star items.



    • Where can I get that awesome bust?

    The bust is not a public assets and belongs to the aformentioned user IAMDEADPOOL98. If you want it, you'll have to contact him in Discord. He's a really nice bro, there shouldn't be any problems. The legs on the other hand are a public asset.

    • What about the legs?

    They're not a public asset yet and the only way for you to get the mesh is to contact me directly in Discord, in which case I'll share it with you no problem. HOWEVER, I'm seriously considering making an entire muscular body resource for HUF/SYF, and these legs will be part of it, along with a brand new torso mesh. I'm still thinking about it, but I think lots of people will be thankful for it.

    • A previous set of yours had an option for slimmer legs, why is it not available this time.

    I found out those legs had several clipping problems with pants, and lots (and I mean LOTS) of clipping issues with "Saiyan Panties". I personally wouldn't mind making them, but they'll look horrible, with the ass cheeks constantly clipping. And believe me, I've really tried to make it work.

    • Eww! A buff girl! Too much musculature!

    This mod was made with a specific audience in mind. If you're not part of it, I simply suggest to move on and not pay attention to this mod any longer.

    • Nice! A buff girl!

    Glad to be of service! :D



    • IAMDEADPOOL98 for the awesome bust
    • Tellus for the hairstyle
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    Just install the X2M file with XV2Ins like any other mod. Doesn't get more difficult than that.

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    1.0 - First release

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