Saiyan Pride Moveset for SYF

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    I've been a little burnt out with moveset making, I finally got back from my break.


    I present to you.... Saiyan Pride Moveset for SYF

    This moveset was a pain in the butt to make, but I finally did it, it was originally made for my Personal OC, Loka, as her base form moveset, but then I thought "Huh, I wonder if anyone else would like this moveset" so I showed it a little in The Citadel, to my surprise, it looked good to them, so here we are.


    Be sure to join The Citadel discord server, we're happy have you, we help you make mods, you can even showcase your OC here, and we have a very loving and caring community (To my experience).


    I think this moveset has tail support, not really sure as I never added tail animations, yet it worked with my guess it does?

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    Simple X2M Method

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    1.0 - Release

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