Saiyan Saga Kaioken Goku (Custom Moveset)

  • descriptionDescription

    New Kaioken Goku?!

    Destroy your enemies with this new and improved Kaioken Goku! Based off from the Saiyan Saga from Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Legends. What's New? - Custom Moveset!

    - Custom Intro!  made by ChaosBeat

    - Custom Skillset!

    -Custom Portrait ! made by Ultimos VA! -Custom Boost sound effects! Showcase GIFS

    Light Combo  - Based off DB Legends Kaioken Goku

    via GIPHY

    Kaioken Goku's Strike card from DB Legends

    via GIPHY

    Heavy Light Heavy Light Heavy Combo - Move based off Kaioken Assault

    via GIPHY

    Custom Intro - made by ChaosBeat

    & Credit to Titan for the thumbnail <3 and UltimosVA for the portrait!

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  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Click on the .x2m and click install!

  • event_noteChangelog

    v2.0 - Added custom boost sound effects, glow options, and a custom intro made by ChaosBeat