Saiyan Transformations (Added Skills)

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    First of all I want to share with you my twitter and my youtube's channel links so you can follow me and see all the projects I'll be doing.

    En primer lugar quiero compartir con vosotros los links de mi Twitter y mi canal de YouTube para que podáis seguirme y ver todos los proyectos que iré haciendo.





    This mod adds new transformations for the CaC Saiyan race. It also adds new auras and custom versions of the existing auras.

    All skills are in the shop to be bought.


    Super Saiyan 4

    Super Vegeta 4

    Future Super Saiyan 4

    Ascended Super Saiyan 4

    Demonic Super Saiyan 4 God

    Super Saiyan 5 (solo)

    Super Saiyan 5 (4 - Ascended - 5)

    Super Saiyan 6 (solo)

    Super Saiyan 6 ( 4 - 5 - 6)

    Super Saiyan 4 Blue

    Saiyan Instinct

    Omni Super Saiyan God (Females soon)


    Kingpin for Super Saiyan 4 bust and tail.

    Eternity for its modding tools.

    LGL and Feraz for the base of the hairstyle.

    LazyBone for animations and auras.


    Thank you for download this pack. Remember that the partial or total use of it entails accepting the following points:

    1) The mod is completely free. The sale is not permitted in any way.

    2) If you are going to modify the mod give credits to the original author (Twitter: @KuramasamaYT).

    3) Any public use of the mod must be followed by the author's user account (Twitter: @KuramasamaYT) or the download link of the mod being mandatory to recognize him as the author.


    Este mod añade nuevas transformaciones para los personajes de raza Saiyan. Además, añade nuevas auras y nuevas versiones de las ya existentes.

    Todas las habilidades están en la tienda.


    Súper Saiyan 4

    Súper Vegeta 4

    Súper Saiyan 4 del Futuro

    Súper Saiyan 4 Ascendido

    Súper Saiyan 4 Dios Demoníaco

    Súper Saiyan 5 (sólo)

    Súper Saiyan 5 (4 - Ascendido - 5)

    Super Saiyan 6 (solo)

    Super Saiyan 6 (4 - 5 - 6)

    Súper Saiyan 4 Blue

    Instinto Saiyan

    Omni Super Saiyan Dios (Mujeres pronto)


    Kingpin por el modelo de busto y cola del Super Saiyan 4.

    Eternity por las herramientas de modding.

    LGL y Feraz por la base de los peinados.

    LazyBone por las animaciones y auras.


    Gracias por descargar este pack. Recuerde que el uso parcial o total del mismo conlleva aceptar los siguientes puntos:

    1) Este mod es completamente gratuito. Su venta no está permitida.

    2) En caso de modificar el mod dad crédito al autor original del mismo (Twitter: @KuramasamaYT).

    3) Cualquier uso público del mod debe ir seguido de un enlace a la cuenta de Twitter del autor (@KuramasamaYT) o al link de descarga del mod, siendo obligatorio reconocerle como el autor.



    English: Kurama

    Castillian: Kurama

    French: Kazo Ikeda

    German: Waiting

    Italian: Waiting

    Portuguese: Waiting

    Polish: Waiting

    Russian: Waiting

    Chinese (tw): Waiting

    Chinese (zh): Waiting

    Korean: Waiting

  • event_note Changelog

    July, 14th of 2018

    • Release 1.0

    July, 15th of 2018

    • Updated to XV2 Mods Installer 2.7 version

    July, 18th of 2018

    • Added french translation

    July, 23th of 2018

    • Added Saiyan Instinct (Includes required files)

    July, 31st of 2018

    • Ascended Super Saiyan 4 and Super Saiyan 4 Blue may present incompatibilities with LazyBone's mods due to IDs.

    August, 1st of 2018

    • Fixed incompatibility between Lazybone's New transformations and Ascended Super Saiyan 4 and Super Saiyan 4 blue.

    August, 3rd of 2018

    • Added Omni Super Saiyan God for male Saiyans. Females will be added soon.
    • Noticed a bug in Omni Super Saiyan God's hands. Using gloves you won't see it. I'll fix it as soon as posible.
    • Future Super Saiyan 4 name is wrong.

    August, 5th of 2018

    • Fixed Future Super Saiyan 4 name.
    • Changed all abilities cost to 10.000 zeni and 10 TP Medals.
    • Fixed a bug where Omni Super Saiyan God could be used by female saiyans.

    August, 17th of 2018

    • Updated mods to 2.71 version of XV2 Mods Installer

    August, 21st of 2018

    • Fixed a bug with Saiyan Instinct in version 2.71

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