Saiyans Vengeance [X2M SKILL]

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    whoops caps

    This is a little mod i've been messing around with, taking inspiration from FighterZ's gokus meteor crash but since i'm not smart enough to do that, this is basically x20 Kaioken kamehameha but instead you transform to ssj3 to finish your opponent off!

    To top this off it also uses your own costume ssj3 hair! Lazybones pack is ofcourse recommended for this

    Heres a sneak peak of the actual skill as an alternative to my shitty thumbnail


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    1.0 Release

    1.1 Fixed a spelling mistake and is compatible with Female Saiyans now

    1.2 Slight Bug Fixes and better screenshots now aswell as a video! HUGE thanks to DougDimmadab for the screenies so yall can stop making memes now

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