Saria gives Dragon Balls

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    Other languages work too but won't have any dialog, he'll do the animation and give the balls, but won't say anything.

    If you don't want him to say his english lines just remove the .msg file shown below in the installation/uninstallation.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    You HAVE to be on update 1.09 or this won't work. (XV2patcher 2.0+)

    Install/update XV2Patcher, and this will load loose files in your game root. (Where the 'bin' and 'cpk' folder are located)

    Place the 'data' folder in your game root.

    Uninstall any conflicting any mods using xv2ins, then install this so nothing is getting overwritten, then reinstall any uninstalled .x2ms to make things compatible.

    Uninstallation: Delete these follow files from the data folder

    • dataeventlobbylobby_event_manage.tsd
    • dataeventlobbysaria.tsr
    • datamsglobby_text_en.msg
  • event_note Changelog
    • Reuploaded due to site maintenance wiping out recent mods.
    • Updated for version 1.09.01 (XV2Patcher 2.2)

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  • UpdatedMar 31, 2018
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