Sayan Pack voice for cac (with no skills voice)

  • descriptionDescription
    after having  a Requeste for a pack voice for cac  so here it is !! 
    sorry for my bad english
    number 1 : kid Trunks
    number 2: Kid Goten
    Number 3 : teen gohan voice 
    Number 4 : Trunks voice
    Number 5 : Adult Gohan voice
    Number 6 : Vegeta voice 
    Number 7: Goku voice.
    Number 8 : Broly voice.
    Number 9 : Gotenks voice.
    Number 10 : Vegito voice.
    If you need the voice skills(still in progress) you can find it right here :
     You can also check out the other voice mods :
    -evil pack (include frezer etc..):
    -the female pack :
    if you enjoy the mods leave a like or a comment!!
  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Use data3.cpk recommande!

    To install, unpack your data3.cpk and place the file in the download into you data3/data/ folder. Repack your data3.cpk and put it in your xenoverse folder and that is it.