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    1.00: virustotal.com/#/file/aca3ff1180eb0b2662df16bb696a8c38df355af8e0edf35b54d797cd441ffd02

    1.01: virustotal.com/#/file/4a613a604d5164be384e4e90b37281e315c710b8a00fae934d3d723bffb7b2ca

    1.02: virustotal.com/#/file/bbd5edfc7bc191b2334c36dbe7912439f3b4a995ea08b5d7f829ebb77f352a94

    Finally got around to developing an alternate *save editor* version of the previous trainer that was included on this page.

    With this save editor, it is possible to unlock & customize:

    • Title Badges
    • VS Icon Marks
    • Obtain x4 All-EnergyZ Capsules in all battle slots
    • Obtain x99 maxed out 5+5+5+5+5+5 QQBangs
    • Modify your Zeni / TP
    • Change levels
    • Change your character's race on the fly without losing progress
    •  Gather all 7 Dragon Balls instantly
    •  Change your custom characters' names (34char limit)
    • Textbox at the top in green font for giving the save file a user identifier.
    • Height & Weight

    Since I'm rather inexperienced when it comes to coding, please remember to backup your save file prior to opening it in this program.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Decrypt the save file first with xv2savdec by dragging your save file into the xv2savdec application and then run the program and open "DBXV2.sav.dec" with the save editor.

    Thanks to Eternity for giving us the save decryptor and helping to keep the community alive. Truly greatful

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - Swapped out the broken trainer for the new save editor that will work as an alternative due to EAC.

    1.01 - fixed the Name Box issue. Names are now deleted instead of being partially overwritten, by pressing the backspace button or by double clicking on the name boxes. +Added the ability to modify Attribute points for each character.

    1.02 - Fixed the level issue where changing your level had no effect due to the discrepancy conflict with experience points.Now changing your level also assigns the correct attribute points *automatically* in order to save time and avoid future discrepancy errors. + added Height & Weight tab for changing the character's height & weight.

    + additional Fix Save File program for *attempting* to fix the encryption mismatch error if it ever occurs due to the save editor.         Reverted back to 1.02 due to extreme instability with the Stats tab

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