Seiki’s Divine Virtue Moveset

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    Hello again, everyone!

    No joke this time, because this moveset was made as an appreciation gift from me to my now over 500 YouTube subscribers 🙂 The name was suggested by Kyugorn. Thanks, man :)

    Thanks a million, guys 🙂 Here's the moveset I promised you! Enjoy! :D

    And here's to 500 more! :)

    If anyone's having some sound problem with HUF, try this 🙂 Thanks, Hunter J Ace for finding it and a way to fix it too 🙂

    "So, I encountered a brief, and I mean brief, issue on the moveset. Just the throw. The moment I tried it on my HUF, that annoying noise came about. Instantly, I quit the game, use the CSO editor, change it to GOK for Goku, and the noise is gone when I go back in.

    So if anyone's wondering, do this. As far as the other races, I'm thinking we won't encounter it on the saiyans, but who knows? Going back to having fun now."

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