Shallot (DB Legends)

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    From Dragon Ball Legends comes Shallot.

    Shallot is a saiyan from an ancient timeline. Not much more is known due to him being an amnesiac (and the story is still ongoing of course). His fighting style is a little more rough and wild than the refined styles of Goku and Vegeta.


    • New Character: Shallot. With 6 Variations (Default, Alternate Colors, Goku Outfit, Vegeta Outfit, Trunks Outfit, DBS Broly Outfit)
    • Voices ripped from Legends (Voiced by Kaggy)
    • 3 New skills (technically 5, but those two are a workaround.) You can buy 3 of them for your cac.
    • A new moveset with some custom animations
    • A CaC outfit for male and female human/saiyans.
    • A custom Super Soul

    I originally wanted to add a Parallel Quest for Shallot, but I feel I'd need to make more Legends characters to make a decent one.

    Most of the time spent making this was due to lack of free time and constant bug fixes (I think I'm still not done).

    I decided to release it because I feel some people are getting pissed at me for not doing so sooner.

    I can't promise how soon I'll roll out fixes and updates for the mod, so bear that in mind.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    If you want to use the custom Super Soul, install it from the Super Soul folder FIRST

    Then install the character x2m using Eternity's installer.

    Otherwise just install the Shallot_NOCUSTOMSOUL.x2m version.

  • event_note Changelog

    V1.1 Updated Bust model for all outfits, re-rendered portraits, added a new variation based on datamined information (DBS Broly battle suit), fixed Wild Cannon graphics (thanks to Dexio), allowed Warrior's Blood to be bought at skill shop.

    V1.0 Initial Release

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