Shopaholic (All Items In Shop) Updated By Eric

  • description Description

    I took the concept of the mod made by Kingpin and applied it to the newest update of Xenoverse 2, currently DLC Pack 4.

    This mod changes all items in the game including skills which aren't already in the shop so that they are available in the shop for 1 zeni.  All other items were left untouched.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Simply replace the data folder in your main xenoverse directory for the patcher.

    XV2 Patcher is required for this mod to work (included in mod).  If you don't have any other mods installed, just copy all three files in the "shopaholic" folder into your main xenoverse 2 directory.

    All credits go to Eternity for the xv2 patcher as well as the genser I used to make this mod:

  • event_note Changelog

    Update 1.3 - Updated the mod to include the DLC 4 skill moves and items


    Update 1.2 - Updated the mod to include the new DLC 3 skill moves!


    Update 1.1 - I remade it again.  There might be no positive changes but better safe than sorry.  I also took the liberty of including the xv2 patcher so that the noobies who don't know how to use google can use the mod.

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