Silver Cell (+Custom Skills!)

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    Note: If you like the Custom skills but aren't interested in Silver Cell, the download includes all the Custom skills but for CaC's in a separate folder, you'll find them in the skill shop after instalation!


    Golden Frieza who?

    This is my take on what Cell's new form would be if he were revived for the Tournament of Power instead of Frieza. I had a whole backstory and what not but I'll spare you the details unless anyone is genuinely interested :P

    Anyway, here are the features of this mod:

    -Silver Cell

    -6 Custom skills 




    Custom Skills:

    (If the Gifs aren't showing up, click the links to see them on GIPHY)


    My version of 10x Kamehameha for Silver Cell.

    The lightning bolt was a pain to get to work right lol.

    Hold to charge.

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    My version of Spirit Stab for Silver Cell.

    Invisi-stab. Slightly faster than normal Spirit Stab because it was too slow.

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    My version of Death Psycho Bomber for Silver Cell.

    Made it faster and more force-choke Vader style-esque.

    Map-wide range grab, if they stand still for 0.2 seconds you'll hit them.

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    Evasive, My version of Energy Dome for Silver Cell.

    Press once to break free of stun, Press again to make it bigger and have knock-back.  Hold after second press and it stays up for a long time and can block nearly anything in the game including ultimates UNTIL the enemy hits themselves on it. Drains ki when held.

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    My version of Timestop/Molotov for Silver Cell. This version has different particles and is vastly superior to the original timestop. The hitbox is 1 so the second the animation plays it lands. You can combo instantly into this making it very deadly in many combos.

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    -True Perfection:

    Silver Cell's true power unleashed. May or may not be slightly overpowered, not 100% sure yet. You can cancel the animation faster by moving in any direction halfway through in case you don't like watching the animation fully.

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    So yeah, that's about it.

    I had so much more planned for this mod but certain skills wouldn't work out no matter what I tried and I got a bit tired of it so I figured I'd release what I had so far rather than just scrap it.

    I know of a small visual bug with Divinity when you use it up close but oh well, I don't think I'll be working on this one anymore as it frustrated me to no end lol.

    Hopefully someone you enjoy it!

    P.S. Yes, he is very shiny.


  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Click the link, download the files you want.

    2. X2m installer.

    The x2m's after "Silver cell" are the abilities for CaC's. You'll find them in the shop after installing.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - Initial Release.

    1.1 - I have added all the custom skills in a different folder that can be used by all CaC's, Enjoy!

    - Link has been fixed, it may be downloaded again

    - Added YouTube Mod Showcase video

    1.1.5 - Fixed link AGAIN. Now hosting on Mediafire from now on. Enjoy.