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    Just got my first custom stage mod for Xenoverse 2.   Snake Way , the path which leads to King's Kai Planet.

    This is the 3rd version of my mod,i added 2 different x2m files including 2 different cloud textures.

    The default one(low-res) and a higher-res made by DemonBoy.

    Pick up only one of them!

    You can check the video to see the old 1st version.

    Thanks to my friends Arcky for making the video (even when he is high and used the old version), Dukke for making the gradient texture for my skydome and DemonBoy for making a better cloud texture. Special Thanks to my friend Razedevastator for all the help and tips/informations about stage editing, i would not be able to start it without your help!

    Those guys are part of Citadel, a Discord Server. If you wanna learn about stage modding, if you wanna have  more info about modding XV2 or any help, here you go:


  • speaker_notes Installation

    X2M installer eternity tool:

  • event_note Changelog

    v1.0--> Initial Release

    v2.0--> Fixed the color of spikes /new objects location/ made the planet bigger/ added better tree models/PTBR Name

    V3.0--> added 2 different cloud textures

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