Solar Kamehameha (X2M 100% Series)

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    Introducing Solar Kamehameha from the 100% Series! As requested, I have taken Perfect Kamehameha and made it much more unique.

    Solar Kamehameha (Suggestion by hotwingsftw):

    "Okay, then how about this: could you pretty much do exactly what you did here with Super Kamehameha? i.e. make its hitbox enormous and make it stronger. I always found the in-game Perfect Kamehameha underwhelming, so I figured you could make something that actually feels like a Solar Kamehameha"

    A lot larger.

    Decent damage.

    Retextured to more closely fit the attack's look in the anime.

    Cannot be blocked.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    When I was a lad I ate four dozen X2Ms every morning to help me get large, but now that I'm grown I eat five dozen X2Ms so I'm roughly the size of a XV2 Patcher!

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    v1.2 - Release!

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