Son Gohan “ALL IN ONE” Pack

Mods chevron_right chevron_right Son Gohan “ALL IN ONE” Pack
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    Special Thanks to "HeirTalent" for the "Gohan Office Pant with tail"



    1. Base Form (Replace Slot 2 and slot 3)

    2. SSJ1 Form (As Transformation In Slot 3)

    3. SSJ2 Form (As Transfomation in slot 2)

    4. SSJ3 Form (Replace Slot 1) [With Moving Hair]

    5. Ultimate Gohan Form (Replace Slot 4)

    6. SSJ4 Form (Replace Slot 5)

    7. SSJ5 Form (As Tranformation in Slot 5) [put "Super Saiyan 3" skill to "Gohan SSJ4 Form" [slot 5]



    ALSO Including. Custom Aura and Skill Set