Son Goku (DB Super – Moro saga) | Base to Ultra Instinct

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    This is my comeback after some months! Now with one of the biggest mods I made

    Goku from the Dragon Ball Super manga in the last chapters of the Moro Saga, hope you enjoy the mod!


    It comes with new skills:

    Full Power Kamehameha: The Awesome new skill made by Unleashed!

    Extreme Explosion: Calm your mind and make an Explosion under you opponent!

    Super Ki Charge: Maximum Charge to Surging Spirit after transformation


    Big credits and thanks to:

    Kate for Making the awesome SFX

    Unleashed for the incredible Full Power Kamehameha

    Revamp Team for the assets (also to Chadizard for the portraits and 345bonehoss for the dyt resource)


    Also thanks to:

    -YG123 for helping to get permissions

    -ShatterdIllusions for the screenshots (The mods used there: Map by Falcon and Moro by Biglia)

    -Bayrain for the screenshots (The mods used there: Map by Fordola and Moro by Zitro and Sukoji)

    -DemonBoy for the Background of the Thumbnail

    -Ryadmax and Yagi for the color map


    Also check the Shinichi´s profile for his future Galactic Patrol Pack

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  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0 :



    -Added Sound Effects to Soaring Fist

    -Fixed a Base Goku moveset issue

    -Possible Fix to the Installer Crash (for some people)