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    Everyone keeps asking for the SS4 mods I use in my animated tail demo video & with the shortage of pants with rigged tail mods out I decided I'd go ahead & release it. In this pack you will find two versions of the bust and pants I use in the video: One set with fur that matches your hair and transforms gold when going super saiyan, & one set that is normal saiyan fur brown(texture color directly from Vegeta's tail) that also transforms gold. The pants are colorable. I also included the main files needed from my animated tails mod to get tails move in battle and in Conton City. These are only for males right now but once I finish the female version of my animated tails mod I will add a female pants. You can already find the female SS4 bust online. Hope you enjoy this mod.



    With version 2.1 male & female tails now work with flight. The gap in the female tailed gear has also been fixed. The battle issue with female tails remains but a fix will come soon for that. The vanishing tail glitch during the arm cross standing animations remains. It's not a priority fix for me honestly. There is also a vanishing glitch during flight though very brief. It may not get fixed. Check the changelog for future updates.




    This update includes a lot more content! I don't get online much nowadays & I'm temporarily not able to take requests so I thought I'd release enough content to satisfy most people all in one sitting. For those of you who have not grabbed the update to my animated tails mod found (here), I have included the main files from it in this update. If you aren't aware, the backhit issue was fixed quite some time ago in that update & I also included some alternate tailed fight styles though they are very beta and likely to have bugs. If you want access to them then download the full mod at that link. Below is a copy of the Read Me.txt file included with the update. Check it for future reference to everything included in this update. Enjoy :)


    [Read Me.txt]


    This is a pack made to hopefully satisfy most of your custom saiyan needs. It's made to work alongside my animated tails mod. DO NOT RE-POST ANY OF MY MODS ON XENORVERSE MODS OR ANY OTHER SITE!!! Please credit me for anything you use from any of my mods in your own mods, animation files included.


    Folder Contents:


    Animated Tails Mod:


    This folder includes the files needed to animate tails in & out of battle though only the default saiyan fighting style versions are included. For more fighting style options I suggest downloading the full mod. The link can be found in the description for this mod.


    Tail Accessory:


    2 Standard Brown Tail Accessories (Male & Female)


    These are the same two static brown accessories included with my animated tails mod. They will work with all SS Transformations but should not transformation at all. They should remain the same brown. They may not work properly with all clothing.


    Not Transformable (Static Color):


    2 SS4 Bust/tail combos in SS4 Goku Red (Male & Female)

    2 SS4 Bust/tail combos in SS4 Vegeta Red (Male & Female)

    2 SS4 Bust/tail combos in Standard Saiyan Tail Brown (Male & Female)

    2 Standalone SS4 Busts in Standard Saiyan Tail Brown (Male & Female)

    2 Tailed Time Partroller Pants with standard brown tails (Male & Female) [Colorable]

    1 Tailed SS4 Goku Pants with a standard brown tail (Male) [Colorable]

    1 Tailed Majin Female Pants with a standard brown tail (Female) [Colorable, Majin Symbol Removed]


    *These items will technically transform but the color will be basically the same, just brighter and/or more intense such as when you use potential unleashed. These colors and transformation variations were copied directly from in-game characters.


    Transformable (SS Color):


    2 SS4 Bust/tail combos that match hair color in base form (Male & Female)

    2 SS4 Bust/tail combos that are Standard Saiyan Tail Brown in base form (Male & Female)

    2 Standalone SS4 Busts that match hair color in base form (Male & Female)

    2 Standalone SS4 Busts that are Standard Saiyan Tail Brown in base form (Male & Female)

    2 Tailed Time Partroller Pants with tails that match hair color in base form (Male & Female) [Colorable]

    2 Tailed Time Partroller Pants with standard brown tails in base form (Male & Female) [Colorable]

    1 Tailed SS4 Goku Pants with a tail matching hair color in base form (Male) [Colorable]

    1 Tailed SS4 Goku Pants with a a standard brown tail in base form (Male) [Colorable]

    1 Tailed Majin Female Pants with a tail matching hair color in base form (Female) [Colorable, Majin Symbol Removed]

    1 Tailed Majin Female Pants with a standard brown tail in base form (Female) [Colorable, Majin Symbol Removed]

    *All parts transform to the SS Color listed in ().


    The bust/tail combos will free up your accessory slot & work decently enough with most pants types. If you install the Tailed Time Patroller Pants from any folder then you will see tails on the default female & male saiyans when creating a new character and be able to have a tailed character from the start of the game. The standalone SS4 Busts are for optional use with tailed pants. If you only want a transformable tail without the bust, the tailed pants are the way to go. The original accessory from the full animated tails mod will also work for the most part not with SS3 or hair transformation mods. Tailed pants will work with hair transformation mods as well as SS3, you just won't have other options for pants types.


    [End of Read Me.txt]


    Note: It is highly unlikely that I will add SS4 eye lines simply because I don't like them as I've said multiple times before. I don't like the original SS4 fur colors either. Yusion's eye lines are for the most part compatible still so you can grab his from (here). He also has SS4 hair mods. I doubt I will be releasing any directly because there are plenty on this site already. I can't see reason to make my own at this point when they all are gonna end up looking the same if done right. I'll be more than happy to link to someone else's if they request it & I'll even include them in an update with full credit to the creator for you guys if they give the ok. For now just run a search for one or grab yusion's. Ysbag makes great stuff too. Update 3.5 will have his SS4 bust in it. Just haven't gotten around to making the versions of it I need yet.


    Note: You guys like asking for specific things like new tailed & colorable outfits but outside of personal commissions nobody ever donates to the cause. There actually already exists a colorable full Gogeta SS4 set in all the forms I use in this mod already plus SSB as well as tailed Pan pants but as these were personal requests they won't just be added for free unless the owner requests it. That defeats the purpose of someone paying for them & they were generous as well so if you guys can't donate don't expect new versions of the clothes. Unless I feel like making something for myself and releasing it there won't be any. If you wan't the Pan pants and Gogeta set, non-commission based donations will need to start happening. In between the commissioned requests I get & personal projects (I'm working on something big next...literally) there is always better ways to spend my time than working on updates for released mods.





    Here is a link to my profile on the forums that you can use to send me PMs for things like commissioned requests. Talk to me before donating if for a request. You can donate by following this link (here).


    Also, this is a link to my personal requests thread where you can also find my donation button located in my signature if you're interested in supporting me with future updates and releases.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Copy the files you want to use to your mod directory. Don't ask me how to install mods please. There are video guides on youtube and even one on the homepage. Instructions are included in the animated tails folder for what to do with those files. With version 3.0+ there are many options so it requires a bit of navigation and copying/pasting. Do not try to just paste the everything indiscriminately! Sub-folders named "data" can be pasted.


    By default the model files replace the empty equipment slot at the top of the equip lists ("------") with the SS4 gear. You can modify the filenames to HUM_[Put clothes ID here without brackets] for all the files to make it replace something else. Just replace that part of it. Leave the _Pants/Bust part. Most of the clothing IDs are listed (here). Xenoverse 2 only added more to it.


    *Note about the Animations Tails mod

    There is only one fighting style option included by default in the SYM/SYF folders. For more options download the full version of my Animated Tails which I link to in this mods description. Keep in mind that they are highly experimental & likely to have bugs and issues. Rename the file you want to use SYM.ean and place it in the correct folder {data>chara>HUM}. Check the Read Me.txt file in the rar.

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.1 - The hair matching bust should be fixed now as in the next screenshots. I may re-upload a more efficient fix soon though.

    1.2 - This is a rather important update. Inside the file now is "Transformable (SS Gold)" folder that now contains the original files: Hair matching, and standard brown colored bust & tail files. There is also a "Not Transformable" folder that houses a standard brown version of the bust and pants that just stays brown on transformation but with a glow effect like when using potential unleashed.

    2.0 - The female versions of everything is now included! Features a modified version of Yusion's SS4 bust which can be found (here). This was a very difficult task, but I was able to complete it thanks to this xv1 mod by UTtank HumuElite/SuperHuman. Somehow he created a modifed/merged female saiyan skeleton with tail that allowed me to used my method for animating tails in the lobby. He also had a saiyan female battle animation file that luckily for you guys still works in xv2 because my version had a bug that would've taken me quite a while longer to fix. Thanks to him there's no need so mad respect and full credit. Now saiyan females can finally have tails in xv2 as well. Enjoy!

    2.1 - Both versions now work with flight, though the character will very briefly disappear while flying. Could not find a fix for this. The gap in the female tail has also been fixed. Female version SS3 standing bug fixed.

    3.0 - Changed the file layout and added ALOT more content! The most noteworthy are the inclusions of bust/tail combos & transformation versions of everything for all super saiyan forms including SSJ, LSSJ, SSG, SSB, & SSR. The bust/tail combos will work like my tail accessory in allowing you to equip multiple pants types while also freeing up your accessory slot so that you can equip things like Yusion's SS4 eye line accessories. Some pants won't look great with it because the tail isn't personally fitted to those pants. Also there is no hole opening when using the combo. Tailed pants will always be the better looking option. Be aware that the size of the mod has almost quadrupled. Also remade the male SS4 bust using xv2 SS4 Goku's model. You shouldn't really notice much of a change though.

    3.1 - Various texture related fixes and improvements. Added eye color files that can be renamed and then used to change your desired eyes to the version that matches each corresponding SS form on transformations. Static content versions are included as well but may need custom emm file changes to work properly which I will not currently be providing. The eye files were an untested last minute addition. Keep that in mind. The transformation versions should all work fine though.

    3.2 - Fixed brown tail version of female time patroller pants (SSJ). Was overlooked in previous update. The texture now works with that version too.


    Side Note - UPDATED*

    This has become a full-time job situation so I suggest donating if you want continued updates and additions. I have a number of mods on here now that everyone is wanting updates and special additions for. I'm not working though & even though that gives me a lot of free time, it's free time that could definitely be better spent so donations will provide incentive to keep all these updates coming & fulfill more custom requests. I am accepting custom super soul commissions.

    Donations have been almost non-existent outside of personal requests so I've been forced to find a more stable means of income which has led to almost no time for personal requests & when I secure that my modding days will likely end. This is just a heads up. Hopefully you guys are pretty happy with the mods as they stand because I won't be able to offer support to them much longer with how things stand. Modding won't save me from being homeless.