SSaYnt’s Sword – Brawler Moveset for HUM/SYM SSJ3 + TAIL SUPPORT

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    Well, my first mod here, is a moveset that took me a long time 
    but I think something creative remains, it combines movements 
    of trunks, tapion, jiren, goku ui and frieza race cac
    I plan to do more movesets so if you have an idea or a 
    specific request, I can consider it and do it, also change the color to the trail of the sword
    Since t3l3s is no longer in the community I find it impossible to 
    upload the swords that make the mod work with them
    so you can google and download the movesets of him which brings tapion 
    and trunks swords as accessories to work with the moveset
    although other mods that use sword like VastolordeZ's can also 
    add a version for female saiyan
    but it didn't look so good so I did what I could xD
    (those things cost me work)
    the support for ssj3 and tails is quite rare.
    but on the other hand, those who use these saiyan have many more options 
    of swords to choose from since alfq made swords for movesets that work
  • speaker_notes Installation

    Drag and Drop in Data or x2m

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 release

    2.0 added ssj3 + tail support and x2m

    3.0 changed a few attacks and Fixed an issue that caused the tail not to appear in certain attacks

    4.0 added female saiyan version

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  • UpdatedSep 13, 2019
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