SSG Vegito>SSG-KK Custom Moveset + New Skill Pack

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    First thing first I guess i'll go through the skills since that was my main focus for this

    (Also apologies for the bad framerate in the video, I already had problems recording and this newest update has killed my FPS when and when not recording)


    Big Bang Burst

    Ki required: 100

    Ki Cost 100 (Uncharged) 200 (Charged)

    A close range continuous blast attack, uncharged is good for mid combo, charged is good for doing extra damage during a stamina break. When Transformed, the fully charged version takes less time to charge

    (Figuring out how to make the last hit knock them away with this particular skill/file combo took way longer than I'm willing to admit)

    Bag of Tricks

    Ki cost: 100

    A utility move, Use it when moving towards an enemy for a charging punch, when moving sideways for an uppercut that works well for super combos, when moving back for a warping sledgehammer and when still for a Super-Guard.

    Trap Kamehameha

    Ki Cost: 100

    A move that serves two purposes, If you aren't interrupted, perform your run-of-the-mill kamehameha. If you're hit by any type of attack while charging, you will warp behind the enemy and fire the kamehameha. There is a small period when moving the kamehameha forward before shooting that you will not be protected in. Holding the skill button will let you hold the counter period for a longer amount of time.

    Big Bang Barrage

    Ki Cost: 100

    Warp back and forth while firing big bang attacks, let the skill play out fully for more damage, orĀ interrupt after the 2nd shot to easily combo into other attacks or move forward into a basic combo


    Big Bang Flash

    Ki Cost: 400 ki over the period of firing the beam

    The Iconic Vegito skill, It doesn't have super armor frames, but it won't cost you ki until you fire it and is pretty quick. Never been one to toot my own horn but I do believe I've done the moves graphics justice.

    Kaioken Overload

    Ki Cost: 500 Ki

    Enshroud yourself in a thick kaioken aura while performing a quick melee combo before releasing all your energy in an explosion

    (I thought this move was OP, but the new ultimates like Godly Display and Power Rush kinda shifted the balance, I guess)


    And now onto my first character

    SSG Vegito's base state has a low special and basic attack score, a mild defensive bonus and a high stamina regen rate.

    His basic combo strings have been modified to remove the rapid fire punches/kicks and replace them with different moves as they were always my least favorite part of SSGSS Vegitos moveset and seemed detrimental to keeping pressure on enemies since you couldn't backhit them if they vanished during them. This also means you get much faster access to knock-away attacks.

    The character has it's own transformation, SSG kaioken, originally this used one of the auras from the now un-updated pride troopers aura pack, but since that doesn't seem to be like it's going to be updated any time soon I switched it back to basic Kaioken.

    When the character is transformed, their attack stats are heavily boosted, but you take significantly more damage from all attacks, with ki/strike skills being the highest multiplier, your stamina use on vanishes are halved but your stamina will not regen.

    The transformation itself is much faster than others and can even be used to start a combo.




  • speaker_notes Installation

    Make sure to install all of the skill mods BEFORE installing the character