SSGSS Goku New Moveset Revision

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    Majin Vegeta moveset is almost done, just still not quite ready yet... I had to delay him for a bit since I'm getting busy with school work and all, so I decided to give you guys a kaioken addition to this moveset to keep y'all waiting a bit... The backstory is, I've been working on a kaioken based moveset for Goku base form way back when, but I put it aside to collect dust because I ran into a lot of issues (which now I got the knowledge to fix it up a bit)...  So I decided to combine the kaioken from that moveset with this current moveset as a little teaser for the kaioken moveset I will be working on in the future to give to your cac's.

    Now I didn't really work on this Kaioken addon too much since I'm still focusing on Majin Vegeta so it's still in Alpha stage as the sounds are completely buggy, you don't need to download this version if you currently like it the way it is, as v1.1 is still in the pack. It's just something you guys can play with until I'm done with "Prince of Destruction" Vegeta.



    I won't be updating this moveset anytime soon since Majin Vegeta is still in the making

    ALTHOUGH if there are still any problems don't hesitate to tell me! Depending on how small the problem is, I'll probably send out an update as soon as possible...


    I don't know... a guy sort of asked, and I delivered...

    [Majin Vegeta Moveset Still In Progress]

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    X2m file

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    1.0 Initial Release


    1.1 Combos Connectivity Patch -

    Some combos have been replaced by new ones

    Combos now have a better connection with each other

    Increase in Heavy Hard hits effects

    Opponents stagger longer in-between combos

    Goku's Backhand fist has been reanimated to the best of my ability to create a [ALMOST] similar like style in the fight against Goku Black and Zamasu [Not Perfect]


    1.2 Small Teaser Kaioken Addon ALPHA

    Kaioken added to combo ---> Heavy>Heavy>Heavy>Heavy>Heavy>Light>Light>Light