ssj4 hair physics patch and ssj3 tail patch for lazybone new transformations (for my all hair packs)

  • description Description

    I made it a separate mod for the simplicity of updates, as well as for users not to download my patches many times together with a packs.

    Thats patch pack for all my previos and future work.

    Be sure to have LazyBone's New Transformations mod installed first.



  • speaker_notes Installation

    You can find installation guide for each hairstyle in their package.

    If you need ingame ssj4 models (adapted for cac) or addon for Ultimate Reshade and this retexture, you should do this:

    (1) click here and select what you want

    (first is patches, second is models, last is reshade)

    (2) click here

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 Release

    1.1 Added HUF physics support and more variants

    2.0 Update for 3.02 lazybone new transformations.

    2.01 I forgot about "No Health Requirements (UI)" bcs patches, added.

    2.02 Update for 3.04 lazybone new transformations.

    2.03 Update for 3.05 lazybone new transformations, HUF super vegeta 4 skill works now.

    3.0 (MOAR BCS PATCHES) added new patch variation, for version with hairstyles merged wtih tail (and renamed page name)

    Also added (second link) tail model and ssj4 Goku, ssj4 Vegeta and ssj4 Gogeta which are adapted for cac and have physics, so you can do your own hairstyle packs based on my patches. (hairstyles only for hum, huf in progress)

    3.1 added ultimate reshade support addon for hairstyles (for now only for hairstyles) (third link) and bcs patch for USSJ by malias which allows skill use not only hairstyle from LB transformations but forehead swap too.

    3.11 Compatibility with the latest game update.