SSJGod Goku (transforming to 200%power Goku)

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    Hey guys! ^_^ i made another mode.. it is Goku SSJG (transforming to 200%power goku)

    >>IF U ENCOUNTERED ANY PROBLEMS OR BUGS PLEASE SAY IT AND I WILL FIX IT<< this contains of -With Custom #Skills #Transformation stat #Transformation Aura

    yosh! thats all hope u guys like it ? ENJOY GUYS! ? MADE BY: Nohave07

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Old way: >Install the chara folder on either data2 or datap3 folder and the system folder is always on data2 folder then repack! Patcher: >put chara and system folder to your created data folder.

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    v1- Initial release

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  • UpdatedSep 27, 2016
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