Stackable Kaioken (X2M OP Series)

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    Introducing Stackable Kaioken from the OP Series! In particular, I made this skill as an experiment not really knowing what would happen, and it actually turned out to be something pretty cool! There are some issues with the aura, as it may disappear if you jump on the ground, block, use a skill that uses the Kaioken aura, or are hit by certain attacks. The main purpose of this skill is as a proof of concept, and also to make some cool looking aura combinations. I may make more stackable transformations in the futre, such as Mystic and Ultra Instinct, just let me know if you wanna see more.

    Stackable Kaioken:

    Gives an extremely long, (basically permanent), stat boost.

    Can be used on top of any transformation.

    Can be used multiple times to give you more intense aura.

    Stackable Kaioken x10:

    Gives another stat boost that can be mixed with the original Stackable Kaioken stat boost to make you OP.

    Everything that Stackable Kaioken has except amplified.

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    v2.9 - Fixed skill animation for female CaCs.

    v2.8 - Aura now is permanent and doesn't go away when attacked, jumping, etc. Also added Stackable Kaioken x10 variant!

    v1.25 - Release!

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