Stardust Skill Pack!

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    Been a while since I posted here huh? Well I'm back and I've brought an update to the Stardust Skill pack based on Gogeta's Soul Punisher/Stardust Breaker skill from all the Dragon Ball games he has been in! (although they're more rainbow-like than stardust,like some say)

    New Skills this time include:

    Stardust God Fist

    Stardust Savage Strike

    All previous skills have been updated with sounds from the game! Hopefully they do as I ran out of time to test them due to a multitude of factors.

    Please note that some skills have not been appearing in the shop. This may be due to lack of story progression or due to my brain being dumb sometimes.


    Another note: You must have the DLC pack that includes SSB Vegetto/Vegito

    As always I hope you enjoy!!

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    X2M per usual method

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    I took a short 5 minutes of work to make sure every attack in this had sounds and a voice using the original skills stuff. I thank you for your patience!