Steve (Customizable Skin) +Bonus

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    STEVE (Customizable Skin)

    Remember that character of that cube game that no one plays anymore?  MINECRAFT

    WELL, Now he is in Xenoverse !

    With 2 Variants : 

    1- Steve (Base - Super Saiyan)

    2- Herobrine (Base - Super Saiyan)

    You can also customize the Steve, and put your own skin (READ INSTALLATION TO KNOW HOW TO CHANGE THE SKIN)

    Now Steve can kick ass again boi.




  • speaker_notes Installation

    How to install the mod

    Step 1 : Open XV2 Installer

    Step 2 : Click Install and choose x2m.... (i think everyone knows this...)

    How to change the skin

    Step 1 : After installing the mod go to your game directory then data/chara/STV

    Step 2 : See the file STV_Bust_000 ? drag it into embpack and you get a folder

    Step 3 : Edit DATA000 using or Photoshop, save and repack

  • event_note Changelog


    1.0 - Release


    1.1 - UV's and Rigging Improvements