Student Skirt Pants no Spats for HUF CaC

  • descriptionDescription

    Simple mod that removes the stupid spats (or whatever they're called, using the material name here) from the Studen Skirt clothes' pants.


    Update 1.1

    Added a short and sleeveless bust model to the downloads. Won't be doing a big boobies version of it because I'm kionda don't like the resuts, just added what I've done already because why not.

    Update 1.2

    Fixed the "bug" (which is not a bug but a game feature) that hides the belt and the skirt when equiping certain bust clothes.

    Added a shorter version of the skirt.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Drop the files into data/chara/HUF folder.

  • event_noteChangelog


    • release


    • added a short and sleeveless jacket model of the bust


    • certain bust clothes don't hide the skirt and belt anymore
    • added a shorter version of teh skirt

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