Super 18 (Custom Combos) – AEAN Organizer Update

  • description Description

    Surprise, summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean it's over yet!

    I ran into an edit of my Super 18 on youtube that changed Super 18's outfits into the new ones featured here as well as as a recolored S.S. Deadly Bomber. While I was slightly annoyed at first, I then realized how great it would be as an update. So I contacted the creator - Ory95ctct - in regards to merging it back into the original mod. With his permission I have done so. I have also given her more custom skills and audio to go with them!

    This version is for Super 18 with custom combos. If you want the version with Super 17's combos (they can both be installed together!) get it here.



    Original two costumes has a mod created by Ysbag. This mod was made with his permission.


    PS: The version of Zetsumei Bullet included with the character download was created by Demonboy. I will not include a solo download for it because I am working on a version that will be voiced by a chunk of the roster. Stay tuned!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Install the X2M as you normally would using the mod installer.

    If you want the original Costume 2 design, then simply open the "optional pants" folder included in the zip file and drag the "data" folder to your main XV2 folder and replace when asked to. You MUST install the X2M FIRST or else the installation will overwrite the optional pants.

  • event_note Changelog

    New Stance, fixed the bloom effect on her hair thanks to Yami, as well as a new bustier bust for her Super 17 cosplay outfit,  provided by Ysbag.


    3.01 Update - Fixed her Zetsumei Bullet from breaking Gigantic Rage and a few other issues.

    3.02 Update - I learned how to use "Another" EAN Organizer. Both this version of Super 18 and the other one I have worked on have been updated with new fancy animations such as new running and boosting animations. I wasn't really going to release this publicly but figured "eh why not?"

    I also included some custom audio for skills she has that I forgot to provide before.