Super Human for CaC (added Skill)

  • descriptionDescription

    Since this game is based on Dragonball Online, and Humans could become Super Saiyans in Dragonball Online, i made a Super Human transformation, that let's Human Characters turn Super Saiyan.


    This mod comes in two versions: A "canon" and a OP version. You can only install one version.


    The "Canon" version follows the DBO rules, giving you a strong boost, but also draining your ki while you are transformed(basically works the same as Super Saiyan Blue in Xenoverse 2).Because of that i also gave it the same stats as the Super Saiyan Blue.


    The OP version does not drain ki and it's stats are:

    +50% Damage to all kinds of attacks

    -30% Damage taken from any attack

    30% normal speed increase and 10% dash speed increase

    and higher ki and stamina recovery.


    It's added to the skill shop for 10.000 Zenny or 100 TP Medals and needs 300 Ki ( 3 bars) to be activated.


    Please Note: Unlike my other mods on this site this one does NOT have transformable hair. My goal for this mod was to bring the vanilla Super Saiyan to Humans, so i did just that.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just install the x2m file normally

  • event_noteChangelog


    • Added a "Canon" Version



    • Release