Super Rose Kamehameha Custom Skill with Accurate Sound

  • description Description

    This is my second mod.

    Since my last video months ago, I've gotten a lot of requests and questions as to the release of the custom audio mod for the Rose Kamehameha. I always felt annoyed that Xenoverse didn't accurately portray the Rose Kamehameha with its accurate sound. This is a simple audio tweak to give two custom skills a special audio that is somewhat accurate to the anime. Refer to the video.

    First of all, these two custom skill mods do not belong to me. I did not design them graphically, nor did I retexture them. I only overlayed the audio to make them accurate. Super Rose Kamehameha is the Super Kamehameha retextured with modded audio.  It is not the same skill Goku Black uses in his SSRose form in the vanilla game.

    Credits to this mod graphically go to Matheu for his Super Rose Kamehameha V2 found here:

    The special Black Rose Kamehameha skill is credited to Lazybone in his/her mod here:

    The two of them deserve the most credit for creating the custom skill. I don't.

    I may or may not make changes to the vanilla Super Kamehameha Rose (the one in which a punch is used first). We'll see.

    Let me know if there are any bugs.


  • speaker_notes Installation

    1) Pick both or either Super Rose Kamehameha.x2m and/or Black Rose Kamehameha.x2m to install into your x2m first. The Super Rose Kamehameha is the ultimate attack, whereas the Black Rose Kamehameha is the special attack.

    2) Drag and drop the data folder into your Xenoverse 2 directory.

    3) Run the game. Both skills can be purchased from the skill shop.


    And you're all set.