Super Saiyan 3 Vegito REBIRTH PACK

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    Hey peeps! I'm back with another rebirth mod! This time with vegito! This was actually the first mod that I posted on this site. And now, he's lookin better than ever! He now has aura and a custom skill set... which... its just Spirit Sword replacing Super Saiyan, since there is really no point for it being there with this mod. Also, this replaces his base form, just like before! But this time, he has two versions, one with one bang, and another with two! This is because the Dragon Ball heroes video trailers and the game itself gave him only one bang, while the card, and many other promotional arts give him two. So use can choose with version you want! (READ THE README FOR THAT!!)


    Enjoy! :D




    SSJ3 Vegito render belongs to el-maky-z

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    2.0= Newer textures based off of this artwork: