Super Saiyan 4 – Mastered Ultra Instinct

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    Hi, everyone :)

    Ever thought that it's ridiculous that we don't get SSJ4 for our Saiyans CaC? Don't like Lazybone's skinny SSJ4 bust? Thought it wasn't good enough for you?

    Well then, THIS IS THE MOD FOR YOU*!!!

    *Saiyans players only

    Okay, no more jokes...

    From one of InbetweenGamer's edited videos, comes the actual skill that would let you go to SSJ4 and then SSJ4 - Ultra Instinct :)

    You will need the Animated Tail mod, install it BEFORE this one.

    The mod comes with a default hair and outfit for both male and female saiyans, if you can find other bust models with tail attached, you can replace ours with it, using no. 882 for SSJ4, and 883 for SSJ4 - UI.

    THIS MOD WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY OTHER MOVESET MODIFYING MOD!! this is due to how these mods work, nothing can be done about it.

    You also CAN NOT UNTRANSFORM... because SSJ4 UI IS A COMMITMENT, DAMMIT!!! Nah, I just couldn't figure out a way to make the moveset change on the 2nd transformation without this bug, might as well turn it into a feature, eh? 🙂 I'll try to fix this in a future update, tho :)

    By the way, you should totally check out our YouTube channel 🙂 . InbetweenGamer makes a lot of good videos, while I make a lot of shitty ones (and also some mod previews and updates, but who cares about that?)



    P.s: Thanks to NoveltyMan for helping us out with the tail :D

    Update: Ability to untransform added; Repeated UI transformation bug removed. I know I promised you guys to make a lot more improvements for this mod during this update, unfortunately, my hard drive broke down completely. In other words, I can not make or edit anymore mod, until I can buy a new one. And I'm flat broke. All this to say, this is an indefinite good bye to the modding community for me. Thank you all for your support in the time that I was active, and I do hope to be able to continue modding one day.

    Update 2: Alright, you vultures, I made that no moveset change version for you. I didn't have access to the game nor the tool, but here it is, as you requested. Keep in mind that the no moveset change version requires Lazybone's main file for the autododge to work. I'm officially done. Thanks for the kind words from the people who cared, and to the ones who demanded this update, I hope you're happy now. If I sound passive aggressive, that's because I'm pissed. Have fun, and see you later.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Install the Animated Tail mod BEFORE this one.

    X2M method

    Follow the instructions for the sound effect. If you have sound bugs, this can potentially fix it, too.

    The no moveset change version requires Lazybone's main file to work. Install that one first before mine to prevent conflict.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.4 - Uploaded.

    1.5 - Ability to untransform added; Repeated UI transformation bug removed, no moveset change version added.

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