Super Saiyan 5 CAC

  • description Description

    Super saiyan To super Saiyan 5 For CAC

    go to here for the fasha armor

    This Contains Multiple ss4 and ss5 busts to choose all all set up to match the base form outfit colors

    whats different?

    new ss4 hair color choices green(example with the female in screenshots),pink,purple,brown,orange,red,white

    Proper SSj4 eyes

    Read the Read Me File Plz

    Credits:daddy goketer for the ssj5 textures

  • speaker_notes Installation

    x2m and data

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 initial

    2.0 added beard fix

    3.0 added white ss4 hair color and better ss4 purple hair color

    4.0 fixed the female ss5 bust color issue

    5.0 added whis symbol gi for males

    6.0 added h-graphics