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    [ATTENTION!!!] These characters are not meant to be as overpowered as the Omni king of saiyans or anything like that. Yes they're powerful but they aren't one-hit-kill powerful. 

    Well this has taken me awhile hasn't it? Honestly, I was debating weather or not I should even bother with another Super Saiyan cancer 8 pack. Given the state of the XV2 Modding community atm, there are a lot of overpowered mods and I was worried that people were just going to view this the same way... But then I said f**k it and did it anyway. 

    This pack comes with:

     3 new Characters (Bardock, Trunks, and Gohan)

     1 new Super (x20 Kamehameha)

     3 new Ultimates (Super Ki Fist, Super Dark Big-Bang Attack, and Super Masenko)

     1 new Transformation (Mystic Super Saiyan 8)  


    *Trunks comes with 2 additional costumes: Xeno trunks and battle-damaged Xeno Trunks 

    *Credit to Amazaru HS for the Instant Attack and the Energy Wave Skill


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    X2M Method

  • event_note Changelog

    V 1.0 Initial Release 

    V 1.1 Fixed Gohan Transformation and Trunks' second costume not            working 

    V 1.2 Added Balanced Versions of each character

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