Super Saiyan Aura Remake + Saiyan Prince Aura!

  • descriptionDescription

    This pack comes with the long awaited Super Saiyan 1 Aura Remake.

    SPECIAL ADD ON: Saiyan Prince Aura!


    Please Enjoy! Leave comments below you might get your idea done by me!



  • speaker_notesInstallation

    The following artists are not required for this to work:

    Lazybone, Azura, and Pridetroopers.

    All installation details are in the file. Specifically Saiyan Prince since it has its own number.

    Super Saiyan takes vanillas!

    Use the x2ms in the folder to begin the installation. HAVE FUN!


  • event_noteChangelog

    1.1 Added a "No stones" version to the file "Saiyan Prince Aura". Same number: 625

    Added a "No inner glow" version to the file "SS1 Remake". Same number: 200 I KNOW I SAID 205! MY BAD!