Super Saiyan Bikini Transformation for SYF

  • descriptionDescription

    --- Now partially compatible with Saiyan Males (read Changelog for more info) ---



    This mod lets you transform into various stages of Saiyan and gives you bikini while doing so. There are still things I would like to improve but I have no idea how to actually go about doing that, so here you go. Please read the text files for some more information.

    The mod itself uses the following resources from other modders with their global permission specified either on the website or in the text files that can be found inside their mods:

    → Saiyan 4 Hair = Adonix ( )

    → Saiyan 4 Bust = Kingpin ( )


    Thank you for taking a look. Please write all your comments/ideas/bug reports/.. either here, or in the comment section of the linked YT video (on YT you will be far more likely to get a quicker response).

    - BBV


    Plans for the future: Create a Male version - Thank you Blue Hedgehog gamer 1234 for recommending this.

    Mod's history guided by the community feedback:

    - Make the mod compatible with SYM → Blue Hedgehog gamer 1234

    - Create a version that also removes your equipped boots → Scorpio Sen

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    .x2m through Eternity's Mod Installer

  • event_noteChangelog

    Update 4:

    • All variations can now be installed at once

    Update 3:

    • All "No Hair" variants are now compatible with male saiyans

    Update 2:

    • Added 8 additional versions of Super Saiyan Bikini (No boots version for all previous variations)

    Update 1:

    • Added 7 additional versions of Super Saiyan Bikini (4 for people without any moving tail mods, 3 for people with them) - Variations include No Hair Change, No Negative Effects and combinations of them for both with, and without tail mod



    - Created the mod