Super Saiyan Blue Aura 2.0

  • descriptionDescription

    WELCOME TO 2.0!

    Please leave your comments below i use your ideas to make things better for us all.

    DISCORD Deez Auras Only#5633

    Stuff i used:

    Same stuff just a different animation since the last one seemed a bit clustered?

    Welp. Read the change log for more info.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Installation details are in the READ ME note inside. You can't miss it.

    Its got everything you need even if your new, clearly and shorter.

    Yes every mod i updated will have an updated read me inside for each mods needs. Enjoy.

  • event_noteChangelog


    Fixed the bottom of the aura. no more wonk.

    cluster has been cleaned out

    Color has been changed slightly

    Added inside Particles and outside to match ROSE

    Added a separate file for 2.0.   

    1.0 is still availabe.