Super Saiyan Blue EVOLUTION Aura 2.0

  • descriptionDescription

    Hey guys this version of SSBE is from the anime! Please enjoy the mod!

    Leave your comments below and tell me what you think!

    Also if you wanna message me on discord:

    DISCORD Deez Auras Only#5633

    There was a time when I pondered over why the games auras were so...half baked.

    I wondered if i could make auras myself and I started with some vanilla aspects.

    Putting them together, going in and out of the game to see if it comes out the way i want.

    Then i wondered why i'm really doing this.

    I came up with the reason. Its all just for fun. For everyone to enjoy not just for me to experience.

    I dont even charge for these thats how you can tell right? I enjoy making these for us all!

    Its through the past auras that i feel my own sort of EVOLUTION.

    Dont forget to drop by on SUPER SAIYAN ROSE!

    Also POTENTIAL UNLEASHED received an update! Check it out:


    SUPER SAIYAN 1 and 2  received an update! Here:


  • speaker_notesInstallation

    The READ ME note is constantly being updated for the given auras provided in the folder.

    Read that to get it on your CaC.

    The (vanilla) version is meant to be a in game change. Which means SSGSSE transformation and VEGETA EVO will have it once you install it.

  • event_noteChangelog


    A file regarding the white inside has been added.

    Now you have versions with and without the white inside. Enjoy.